Will You Survive The Great Market Purge?

  • Publicado el 14 jul 2022
  • I invite you to join me in my upcoming LIVE 3-day online event called “THE GREAT MARKET PURGE”!
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    ✔️ My exclusive outlook and market analysis for the second half of 2022.
    ✔️ Stock opportunities to profit big from the upcoming rebound.
    ✔️ And more!
    I will also be joined by two 7-figure traders, Alson Chew and Bang Pham Van, where they will share their expert knowledge on:
    ✔️ How to spot price traps set by Market Makers and identify strategic entry & exit points during these volatile stock and digital asset markets.
    ✔️ Options Trading: How to repair a losing options trade so you get paid while waiting for the market’s recovery
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    Be sure to catch this event to prepare yourself for when the markets bounce back.
    May the markets be with you.

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  • desk deco`

    Great quality video Adam.. Just finished off all your forex courses video posted previously.. Such a great mentor and tutor for me. Thank you so much Sifu Adam.

  • Anandh Kumar A

    Hi Adam..I am from India..All your videos are enriching.Seen most of your analysis video from here...Keep up the good work..

  • Neo Kian Wee Jimmy

    Thank you so much Master Adam🙏

  • Wilfred Pusey

    Thanks Adam. Wouldn't miss it for anything!

  • D F
    D F 

    WOW Adam this is one of your greatest video's Well Done !

  • New Phase

    Hi Adam, you mentioned that you will share us the golden rule of trading, we look forward to see it. thx

  • Ad Blommestein

    Thank you superstar Adam.

  • Teri Cam

    Hi Adam, I signed up knowing that I won't be able to watch your event live because of time zone differences. Will you record it and send it to me? Thank you.

  • PP Family

    Pls make your option courses free on ESclips

  • TheSankofa

    Yes sir I am ready …. Let’s go

  • Jose Kurarion

    Buy high, sell low, and leverage 100x.. the nice strategy..

  • The Unknown Collector Store

    Damn dude, I've been following you for years but this video was cringy as hell. You dont need these kinds of ridiculous ads. Stay true to yourself.

  • Notary S

    Wow! Production value!

  • Stéphane Talboom

    Nice video production 👍

  • Ali promo

    Hes the One he can make money during market crash.

  • Zodwa Bulunga

    Where do I go to register

  • Ong Siyu Su

    Where to register?

  • soheb rehman

    First...Adam I deserve one personal stock tip now 🙂

  • bearr
    bearr  +6

    weird, what does adam get out of this event, like why refer it to friends to get a life time replay of the event, hmmmm