Why Anyone Can Profit From This Market Crash

  • Publicado el 26 jul 2022
  • This is why the market crash is your best friend 😉
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    The US stock market just had its biggest first-half year decline in 52 years...
    And it's got many investors and traders clenching their butt cheeks in fear that things may get worse.
    You see, whenever a market crash hits, it doesn't care if the company is making or losing millions, it'll just bring prices of EVERYTHING down...
    And this is also exactly why smart investors embrace market crashes... Because this is the best time to buy many great companies at a HUGE discount.
    What many investors and traders fail to understand is that at the end of every market crash, a rebound will ALWAYS follow 📈
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    It's not a matter of IF, it's a matter of WHEN.
    And when the rebound comes, only the BEST companies will recover.
    All the speculative, hyped up stocks of unprofitable companies... They may drop and never come back.
    And many investors and traders who hold on to these lousy companies, will find themselves on the losing end... While other smart investors bring their wealth to the next level.
    You may be thinking... "Then how can I become a smart investor and know how to pick the top 1% of stocks that will really with the rebound?"
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    This short window of opportunity to cash in on undervalued stocks before the rebound will be gone in the blink of an eye.
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    May the markets be with you

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  • procurar por {youtubegemeos} no telegram

    Great video! Thanks for sharing,

  • Herns Mil

    The only channel I watch that has a positive outlook at the current bear market.

  • Neo Kian Wee Jimmy

    Thank you so much Master Adam🙏

  • Abdulghani Abdo

    I share your optimizim of the recovery, after every crash a recovery comes back, always.

  • William Loh

    Thanks for the video. I think inflation peak 3-4 weeks ago. That is when the stock close at the low. Now if inflation goes down stocks will go up. I'm still looking for midterm election buy in late September?

  • Ad Blommestein

    Thank you Superstar Adam.

  • IWAN Muzaki

    Adam is a good value investor but timing is not his forte. Still recall his bullish prediction of a chinese bounce in 2nd half of 2021 that didnt happen. Likewise his bullish calls for a bounce in US market also hasnt materialised. But eventually he will get lucky and be right. Thats how it works

  • Marco Antonio Pluma Juarez

    Excellent, during the beginning of the pandemic you were the only one who anticipated the enormous rebound of the stock market, hopefully you are right again

  • Sujeet Vishwakarma

    Sir is it possible to earn from option otm

  • YoungMoneyFuture

    I like how you say "Great market purge"🤣 Have profitable day😎🙏

  • David Lim

    Brilliant. Another big gain day.

  • Travel-Maps

    The market can always go lower. Never say never.

  • Thien
    Thien  +1

    Adam predicts the market going new ATH. Let's see.

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    Great video!


    Wawooooo nice excitement 💪💪💪💪💪💗💗💗

  • Billy Bob

    I agree with mostly everything you said, but I do not believe inflation has peaked, nor do I believe it will peak soon.

  • Christopher Stanley

    Nice video

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    Thank you 🙏

  • Wilfred Pusey

    I missed day #1. Can I catch it on the site ?

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    Economic must learn to know the rich conspiracy. In market as long as you know how to make the 1dollar from the strategy you design you already rich. The rest is just mentality, persistent and precaution.