The Stock Market is Going Crazy.... Here is Why!

  • Publicado el 31 jul 2022
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  • Jari Hollstén

    Adam's videos are amongst the best on whole of youtube.

  • Jai
    Jai  +5

    I really enjoy your market updates. Great content Adam.

  • Luis Marcelino

    Couldn't ask for more...the analysis and data are easy for us to comprehend. Thanks for always sharing your insights on the market conditions.

  • Steve G
    Steve G  +20

    I think the fact there is no fed meeting in August is a blessing for the September meeting. Will give time for lagging indicators to catch up!

  • Chirag Mane

    Thanks Adam, your videos are always amazing and rational

  • Victoria Agadzhanyan

    Hi, Adam. I really hope that you will post videos from today’s stream 🙏 it was a great one!

  • J Reardon

    Adam! Brilliant presentation as always. Many thanks Sir. May the markets be with you. 😉

  • Charles Armstrong

    Great stuff Adam. But a couple of questions--

  • abhimaanyu sahu

    Thank you so much for providing all the data points & logical view based on data..

  • H Hatem
    H Hatem  +2

    Thank You Adam. Great work, Much appreciated.

  • Living Life

    You have trained me so well thank you 🙏

  • Ray Mak
    Ray Mak  +1

    Listening to the Great Market Purge now. Really really refresher for me.

  • PureFit Clothing

    Always good content video , Never stop learning from you

  • Nathan Goins

    Great information as always! Thanks for everything you do to create these videos!!

  • Astroboy

    Adam, can you please do a video with the current state of play for Chinese stocks.

  • C J H.
    C J H.  +3

    Thank you for this great analysis.

  • YaFazka
    YaFazka  +1

    watched a lot of adams video and has become better at charts

  • 李善 -Robert Ri

    It's very informative and valuable on time. Thank you very much for sharing.

  • Forêt Team Investment

    Hi Adam, quick question, what is the software or app you use for writing and highlight the screen during your videos? I have a presentation at the university and that tool would be very convenient.

  • Stv
    Stv  +2

    Thanks for the info and hard work bro