Stock Market Rebounds! Will It Last?

  • Publicado el 20 jul 2022
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Comentarios • 266

  • Kee Chong

    Hey Adam, your optimism is a breath of fresh air. Everyone has their opinions & agenda where the market will go. Regardless, your insight is pure gold. You definitely have a way of simplifying complex analysis. Really appreciate your channel.

  • DK Capitals PH

    The key here really to just wait for a trend to form in the daily time frame. Catching the bottom is really not ideal. Yes, price may have broken the EMA50 resistance, however, it may also be a false break because the trend has not really reversed yet. As what Dow Theory emphasized in one of its tenets, trend will continue unless there's a signal that trend has reversed. For me, I would rather wait for the reversal to happen, price must break and create a higher high above 4135 key resistance zone.

  • Andy MacLeod

    At the end of the day, people still go to work. People earn money. People buy stuff. Unless there are fundamental reasons why the market will crash, it will eventually recover. And the more that it dips, the more smart investors will buy stock at bargain prices, creating support.

  • MrSifaperdire

    Adam I love your optimism, your videos are informational but also give good mood

  • Jenn Wee Ng

    My view: many big companies are cautious with the outlook of the macro-economy, that’s why they will or have slow down the hiring. So I’m also quite cautious with my investment… but stock market usually behave opposite way…

  • Jaime Law

    Thank you Adam, always enlightening analysis. I am on the bear market rally side.

  • Pavel Sokov

    I think it’s a bear market rally, but I don’t think there will be a new bottom or a significant crash. Just sideways movement for the next quarter. I sold off my loss making positions yesterday to secure tax losses and reduce taxable gains. Hopefully will buy back same price in a month if I’m lucky

  • henrik høegh

    Hi Adam and thank you for your videos. Why does the market move against the general expectation? It's very interesting because the expectation right now is recession, but I don't really see why. The job numbers are good which means the engine is still firing. And that's very fundamental to the economy.

  • Pepa sela

    Most likely it is just a hype due to the earning seasons, once autumn arrives energy prices will surge and the fear will return - My suggestion, use this hype now for the short time ahead to cover some previous losses and become bearish once the next inflection point downward on september.

  • shervin karimkhanzand

    Thank you so much Adam for teaching us 👑🙏😍

  • inmortal009

    I love Adam perma-bullishness which he also back up with data, it helps keep my bearishness in check, it always helps to hear both sides of the story and plan accordingly

  • Eric Carbonell

    I started out investing blindly. Then became a speculative guy. Lost my butt. After meeting Adam I tried my hand at trading but have I’ve become more of a value investor for the past year. I don’t really care what the market does this week or this month. I keep a bit to buy on crushing dips and I sell once non prince stocks become overpriced.

  • Zaki Abdelqader

    Thanx adam for putting things clearly on table .. i still belive market in confusing status .. breaking the last resistance up and Fed slowing down IR% .. market will show strength for a new bull run ...

  • sona lama
    sona lama  +20

    The best investment strategy I ever implemented was buying index funds every time I got paid despite what was going on in the stock market. People get too caught up in the day to day market movements. Better to just buy & ride out the market waves.

  • Chef Home Slice

    I feel that most people will be a bit cautious in entering the market for a while. That would lead me to believe that the market will probably stay flat for the next quarter.

  • Essential Oil Diffusers

    Hi Adam, was waiting for this video to get your take. I am definitely feeling that the market could go either way so i am trading both sides.

  • Diego Ramos

    You sir are a legend, in my case I am bullish but with caution, started opening a few positions yesterday and will allocate much more if direction is in my favor

    KUNAL  +7

    Adam always throwback us back to reality ( truth). & So I liked his analysis.

  • Mandy
    Mandy  +2

    Hi Adam, great show. 👍 I always value your viewpoint because you called the v shaped rebound in 2020.

  • Tom Vu

    I agree that we have certainly bottomed for now as most commodities are now in bear markets and so inflation will be coming down very soon, possibly in the July figures, so I am buying. Growth stocks are leading the charge up at the moment, e.g. Allianz Technology Trust, International Biotech Trust both up 20% plus this month.