June Inflation Hits 9%! Stock Market Does Not Care!

  • Publicado el 13 jul 2022
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    June's inflation data came in much higher than expected, but the stock market held up well! Could this be a sign that inflation has peaked and the market is finding a bottom? Find out my latest insights and analysis into the stock market and how to position yourself for the next rally ahead
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Comentarios • 123

  • Geremy Gieryna

    Great points about commodities going down, really makes sense to me now why the market didn't seem to care about the high CPI.

  • Losers
    Losers  +23

    No mention of all the upcoming reduced earnings, re-ratings, and recession which will definitely be bad for the stock market.

  • kenix wong

    Thanks for the timely update Adam, appreciate as always!

  • Ashton Kutcher

    That proves Rick’s hypothesis that nobody can catch the bottom and the top precisely. Winning is secondary for me. Calculating a positive expected value, the Certainty Equivalence and avoiding chance of ruin are more important.

  • mikedok1

    Exceptional analysis 🧐 again, Adam. Great to hear from you again.

  • ivanxyz

    Your content is well thought out and backed by multitudes of data. Thumbs up.

  • typing...

    Always appreciate your wisdom Adam. But don't you think the commodity crash is mainly due not due to a fix in inflation but due to an even worser chance of a recession. Given the world issues /10/2 inversion/commodity crash do you see a recession in hindsight? Tho the CPI data came in the issue is not the cpi data it is that FED will be pressured to make the wrong move on wrong lagging data as it has been all along thanks

  • Where There’s a Wheel, There’s a Way

    Hi Adam. First of all, thx for the video. In your video you mentioned using price action to lookk for trend reversal but then you mentioned to look at MA. I use price action to trade myself too and i rarely look at Any indicators. Isnt MA an indicator? If it is, all indicators are lagging behind the actual price action. I use mainly support, resistance and trend line. I can tell by looking at the price action when the trend reversal confirmation occurs. For example, look at SPY. It is trending up as of today and the point im looking at to Confirm trend reversal is 393.16. It is the previous high and is also the neckline too. Also, you didn’t mention ER. Do you think ER will drive down the stocks price? Imagine tesla dropping below $550 after ER (very possible) Or apple dropping to 110-115 area because of a bad guidance. Dont you think that would drive the s&p price down alot? I personally think This ER will be last blow to the market then after that we can start to rally in mid August or early September. Just my personal opinion. Would be interesting to hear your perspective on this

  • Turtle Trader 🐢

    Great video as always! I like the optimism. Thanks for knowledge sharing :-)

  • Rocket Man2

    What happened was a leak the day before so the market thought it would be 10% so huge sell off already happened, so there you go it not that the market does not care or that this is the bottom its not. Everything depends on the FEDs they have to control inflation which they doing a terrible job and we are far from peak thats what i think so now is not the time to invest but to swing trade.

  • Sebastian Calderone

    Yup....sentiment has changed. Two months ago, the nasdaq would have been down 4%. It's significant that the market is shrugging off the thing that has been driving it lower all year.

  • QZ .C
    QZ .C  +1

    Hi Adam, wrt the charts you have shared in the video, it seems like all of them peaked in March and was in a downtrend since April. Yet, the US CPI has continued to trend higher since March. Could you comment on the predictive power of the charts you have shown in the video wrt CPI readings going forward? Thank you.

  • Ari Gutman

    It is not that the market does not care, I think 50% of the market has zero clue about investing and the other half is still weighing in on how to actually receive the information, it always take some time... I think this is really the beginning of a longer roller coaster ride we will be on.. Come the end of the month, when the FED speaks, we can expect the market to really shake....

  • martin tepass

    very good analysis, thank you Adam...

  • Scott

    Thanks again for clearly explaining why 👍🇦🇺

  • Freedom Liberty

    Always enjoy your videos and knowledge

  • Andrew Lee

    Optimism may be too early. Might be due to bicentenal bias (much as i like the proposition; cld be a matter of time frame). All the oil ng commodities and energy in general charts may be showing a swing trade upward at the 200 sma. Although July could may show a fall from 9%, a fall mth to mth has been shown in Apr to be still upward trending. Price hike is open in jul and there are another two scheduled fed meeting pencilled in this year. This is my GUESS. It's a guess.

  • Hello World

    Wait it out, don't jump to conclusion

  • Teawoo Park

    What an amazing analyst, thank you adam!

  • Panny Kwan

    Best teacher as always ;)