Trading with Fibonacci Levels Stock Trading Strategies by Adam Khoo

  • Publicado el 17 jul 2017
  • Learn how to incorporate the power of Fibonacci Levels to find the highest probability trades for trend following setups
    Stock investment & stock trading strategies by Adam Khoo shows you profitable trading and investment opportunities in today's stock markets.
    These are essential strategies for stock traders and investors who want to improve their investment and trading performance.
    Adam Khoo is a professional stocks and forex trading and the best-selling author of 'Winning the Game of Stocks" and "Profit from the Panic". Thousands of students have profited from his sharp investment insights into the world of stock investing and trading.
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  • lcortes88
    lcortes88 Hace 5 años +313

    No one on youtube explains anything as good as you. Grateful for your teachings Adam Khoo.

    • Lionheart
      Lionheart Hace 8 meses

      Everyone leaves the same comment on virtually every other

    • Teddy Galang
      Teddy Galang Hace 8 meses

      An Amazing teacher for sure.

    • Ruweida B
      Ruweida B Hace 3 años +3


    • LN Network Vlogs
      LN Network Vlogs Hace 4 años +2

      Yessss agreee....

    • Roopesh M
      Roopesh M Hace 4 años +5

      Yes, I agree Icrotes88, His explanation helps the layman like me can understand a technical. @Adam Khoo, I am much inspired by your teaching ability as well. :-)

  • iiTzRiPeR
    iiTzRiPeR Hace 4 años +39

    "if you can't explain it easily you don't know it well enough" Thank you sir for this video, best fibonacci on youtube

  • Johannes Hedin
    Johannes Hedin Hace 5 años +60

    And I have decided to follow only Adam for lessons and mentorship on trading. I was getting lost with different videos on youtube but after I discovered your videos I am learning so much. Thank you Adam

  • Viq
    Viq Hace un año +2

    Adam I hope you are doing well.
    For a long time I was clouded on reading stock charts
    This is probably the first I have seen to explain in this detail.
    Thank you for making this video. I will be sure to check out all your others as this so far has been a great learning session.

  • shayan jamali
    shayan jamali Hace 5 años +2

    Thanks for such great and easy to understand videos!
    Adam, can these Fibonacci levels also be used as resistance levels? if yes, can you please make a video on it?

  • Ra Shrestha
    Ra Shrestha Hace 2 años

    You are a wonderful teacher..but pls also show the example when there’s no fibonacci that we can differentiate the situation

  • Brian
    Brian Hace 4 años +125

    I rarely comment on ESclips, but I have to make a exception here. This is the best explanation on Fibonacci I have seen so far. Thank you.

  • John E
    John E Hace un año +2

    Almost four years later, the information is still fantastic! You crammed so much into such a small amount of time, which I love! Makes it so much easier to re-watch if you missed something

  • Nishant Vaidya
    Nishant Vaidya Hace 2 años +3

    Perfectly explained with example as reference, really becomes ease for each learner to correlate things. Thumbs up

  • John Fong
    John Fong Hace un año

    Best explanation on ESclips. Very helpful to deepen my understanding with real examples. Thank you Adam.

  • Seth Quinn
    Seth Quinn Hace 2 años

    Love your work I also am one of your students and I also must thank you 🙏🏽 for the lessons you have taught me. Plus I must say that of all my financial teachers you have been the best of all! Keep teaching!

  • Will Sanchez
    Will Sanchez Hace un año +1

    I was so confused as to how fib levels were used.. this video cleared it up! Especially on how to use the extension levels to take my profits! I am going to give this strategy a go with paper trading. Thanks Adam!

  • Gus Naser
    Gus Naser Hace 5 años +29

    Hi Adam, I admire your intelligent way of explaining things the right way, I found a lots of answers to many questions in your you tube videos . So Many Thanks to you for the considerable amount of knowledge that I gained from learning from you. I Also have a question about the timing expectation for the trend and the retracements, also I have a question about the sequence numbers, is there a use for them for the trend and the retracemnts, or just for Fibonacci levels math?
    Thanks again Adam

  • ro angelo
    ro angelo Hace 4 años

    Everything seems easy to understand when Adam explains it, your awesome man!

  • John Mugo
    John Mugo Hace 2 años +1

    hi,,ADAM you are just marvellous. no one does it better than you are an amazing teacher..keep it up..thanks for your guidance in stock trading..

  • Sigute Houldsworth
    Sigute Houldsworth Hace 4 años

    The best Fibonacci level teaching ever!!! Simple and straight to the point! Thank you Adam Khoo !👍😘

  • Journey
    Journey Hace un año +1

    love your videos coz you always make it a point to explain things in a very clear and detailed way, in a slow and nice pace making sure your audience understands it. your teachings have really helped me as a newbie to understand trading and investing better. thank you so much mr adam khoo. 😊

  • Matthew Morris
    Matthew Morris Hace 2 meses

    hello there. The one thing I don't fully understand is, on what time frames do you use the fibs? Is it more accurate on the longer time frames (daily, monthly), or would it be better to use on shorter time frame? (hour, 5minute, etc) Or does it all depend on your trading? Like swing or daytrading? Thank you

  • Virtuous Traders
    Virtuous Traders Hace un año +2

    Whenever I Wanna find true information, I know Adam has my back, I started learning about trading from his video and you know what they say "there's no place like home" 😊, that's why am here for another lesson ❤️

  • Dominic Voon Shian CHEE

    You are the best I had ever seen on stock trading. Its is easy to follow without no jargon. I even bought your book. Thank you and please keep up teaching us the newbies.

  • Cyrielle Kouamou
    Cyrielle Kouamou Hace 2 años +3

    Clear, precise and straight forward. Thank you Adam

  • Rose
    Rose Hace 2 años +1

    A very clear explanation of Fibonacci - suitable for beginners like me. Thanks Adam.

  • Omar Owens
    Omar Owens Hace 3 años +3

    Adam, you are the BEST teacher when it comes to trading- never change!!

  • Rock Emmanuel
    Rock Emmanuel Hace 2 años +1

    Sir, thank you for this great work done here. Fibonacci works like magic if one knows how to use it well. This is on of the best, very simple, easy-to-understand, video I have ever seen made on Fibonacci. Thanks again.

  • king Kai
    king Kai Hace 2 años

    For the fib extension, alot of experts bring it back down to point A instead of the pull back point.

  • Quincy Letsoalo
    Quincy Letsoalo Hace un año +1

    Thanks Adam for capacitating me. I'm now in a position to do the correct things.

  • Lawrence Atohengbe
    Lawrence Atohengbe Hace 4 años

    You are an uncommonly unique teacher, I appreciate all your lectures

  • Matthew Tomberlin
    Matthew Tomberlin Hace 2 años +2

    Hi, I am new to day trading futures and really appreciate your videos and clarity. Seriously, thank you! I would assume you could use Fibonacci tools in a short sell scenario/bearish trend. Could you explain that or show an example in the future of how that would work? Many thanks.

  • Tom Kellett
    Tom Kellett Hace 5 años

    Hi Adam, thanks very much for all the work you put into this and your other trading videos - they're really interesting and helpful.
    I have a question about how your do your Fibonacci extensions. I notice you use a higher low or a retracement level for the generating the extensions. However, I have seen other U-tube videos and materials by other experienced traders / companies who generate the extension by using the same starting and finishing level. Of course, some of the levels do then overlap, but it does create quite a difference.
    Do you have any thoughts on this. Perhaps both methods can generate useful results?! But given other traders also react to them it would be good to know which the best known and most commonly adopted approach. Thanks.

  • Huthman Jagun
    Huthman Jagun Hace un año

    This is well explained and clear. In other tutorials seen by others some draw few repeated fibonacci over one another, quite confusing, thanks for taking your time, which went too quickly!

  • Sandy Ravage
    Sandy Ravage Hace 2 años +1

    Adam you are amazing! You and Jared @ Livetraders are the only people on youtube telling us the facts and explaining it in a way that we can all understand. Keep up the good work.

  • Anthony Ybarra
    Anthony Ybarra Hace 4 años

    I wish I could have a teacher as good as you in school. Thank you so much!

  • Omar Nasr
    Omar Nasr Hace 5 años +1

    Thank you Adam, always very clear and informative!

  • Niels Nijland
    Niels Nijland Hace un año

    First place I'll come to for an explanation on anything trading related. Great explanations. Thank you very much

  • poofypeach
    poofypeach Hace 5 años

    Your explanation is so clear and thorough. Helps to cement the understanding with the introduction in the beginning. Watched a few fibonacci videos and none of them explained a fraction as thorough and engaging as you. Much appreciated :)

  • Paindoctor
    Paindoctor Hace 2 años

    Great video,and a new subscriber. I am only confused by the time frames that you are using them under. I have seen day traders use Fibronacci levels for minute by minute changes, but you seen to be using it on a 3-4 month chart. What is the time frame you recommend using these under, or are they all applicable to the Golden Ratios?

  • SD
    SD  Hace 4 años +1

    This is so good mate. Thank you so much for explaining it very well.

  • Hepi Emerton
    Hepi Emerton Hace un año +1

    Am so grateful for all your help Adam. You're an AWSOME teacher! i have heard of Fibonacci before now I know how to use it and what it is. Thank you soo much again.

  • Londres e Eu !
    Londres e Eu ! Hace un año

    Finally, I understood it! I don't know how much time I have spent trying to understand how to use Fibonacci. My error? positioning at the wrong point on the chart. Thank you very much!

  • matthew battle
    matthew battle Hace 9 meses +1

    Thank you so much for all of your videos you do a great job of explaining the idea of Fibonacci ive used it with plenty of other things now i cant quit seeing it in charts.

  • Imran Akhundoff
    Imran Akhundoff Hace 4 años +1

    Amazing, so clear explanation!!! Thank you very much Adam!!!

  • Elijah Worthy
    Elijah Worthy Hace 5 años +6

    Awesome explanation! It seems like every video that you make I learn something new. Can't say that about most videos on ESclips. Good job!!

  • Richard Aron
    Richard Aron Hace un año

    You're the best at explaining anything related to stocks.

  • Golden Talk
    Golden Talk Hace 2 años

    Thank you very much for explaining with such detail.
    Utterly appreciated Mr.Adam.

  • Guy Ayissi
    Guy Ayissi Hace 9 meses +1

    Wow that was a masterclass. You really do know your stuff 👏👏👏👏👏

  • Andy Ward
    Andy Ward Hace 4 años

    Wow, you have the Gift of teaching! Thank you, so much for taking the time to share your knowledge, in such a understandable and practical way.

  • Chibuike Achi
    Chibuike Achi Hace 5 años

    Hello Sir, thank you for the informative material. Can u use Fib Ret during intra/day trading if yes what is the best time frame?

  • michael mak
    michael mak Hace un año +2

    this is the most clearest video explaining Fib tools I have seen so far. great job Adam.

  • Master Mike
    Master Mike Hace 2 años

    You explained it well Mr Adam. Thank you so much. Long live!

  • MHELL Smith
    MHELL Smith Hace un año +4

    I've watched few Fibo Retracements tutorial from other ESclipsrs but your video made me understand it more. I was amazed as well about Fibonacci, the mathematician. Thanks for adding some history! You are a smart guy Adam that's why you always explain things in a very senseful way.

  • thomas Philip
    thomas Philip Hace un año

    Great explanation I am fan of your videos. I do have a question on this one. I see fibonacci levels are plotted based of daily chart does it work the same on intra day chart for day traders ?

  • MJ gets Weird
    MJ gets Weird Hace un año

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    Benny Kurtmann Hace 4 años

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    Craig Serenge Hace 5 años +1

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  • unclnis
    unclnis Hace un año +2

    Finally an explanation of the Fib extension - that makes sense. Thanks Adam

  • Jake Stokes
    Jake Stokes Hace 2 años

    Thank you so much Adam! This is an amazing explanation to how Fibonacci Projection and Retracement works!

  • Kongtap Meth
    Kongtap Meth Hace un año

    This is the best video explaining Fib, you explained it to the core. Some people just say blah blah here and there no connection but this video of yours smashed it.

  • rob
    rob Hace un año

    thank you so much! this video is still providing value years after it was made

  • Gusto
    Gusto Hace 8 meses

    Amazing video and details/explanation. Thanks for sharing your knowledge 💯

  • stryder hiryu
    stryder hiryu Hace 5 años +1

    Thank you so much sir Adam :) I also wish that you have your own books published for the novice like me. God bless!

  • Mohd Noor Azli
    Mohd Noor Azli Hace 2 años +2

    mr. Adam Khoo you are really helpful to all of us including me.. I find out the explanation awesome... thank you guru

  • Jamie Reese
    Jamie Reese Hace 3 años +1

    When using the fibonacci tool, you place the first point right on the "A" and then you drag the line up towards 'B' but you dont place it directly on the top of the wick. All three examples. Why? and how do we know where to place them?
    Thanks for your help?

  • Lou BA
    Lou BA Hace un año +1

    He is the best teacher of trading basics on ESclips! Wow!

  • Amazer 69
    Amazer 69 Hace 3 años

    Exceptional clarity in explanation, Thanks a lot.
    One Q, Should it be applied only in daily chart, Can we use it on Hr4 or Hr1 chart also.

  • chvydrptop
    chvydrptop Hace 2 años

    Do the Fibonacci Levels only work when you are in the 6 months chart, or can you apply them to say 1 Day 15 minutes? Thanks for all the great videos.

  • Erren Camposano
    Erren Camposano Hace un año

    Best explanation so far for Fibonacci retracement. Thank you!

  • Krishna Kant
    Krishna Kant Hace 2 años

    question from a beginner: do all the technical analyses work only because everyone believes in them and hence making decision based on them? so essentially if tomorrow no one in the world follows technical analyses (of any kind) to buy/sell, will we see fibonacci and moving averages still being respected? my feeling is probably not and in case there are some educative links for some resources, I would appreciate if you all could provide those.

  • Vladislav Lisovskiy
    Vladislav Lisovskiy Hace 4 años +1

    How do you know at what angle in relationship to the trend itself you should set the Fibonacci tool? Because many times your tool is not exactly on the trend. I imagine that the Fibonacci levels are affected by that

  • Anosh Munshi
    Anosh Munshi Hace un año

    very well explained Sir!! thank you

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    AhmedUS2013 Hace 2 años

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    Jabbar Abbasi Hace 2 años

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    Tom Ford Hace 2 años +1

    I have to commend Adam, for his concise and VERY PRACTICAL tutorials you by far the best at this online. Adam do you by chance have a tutorial to use Fibonacci and the settings via Trading View platform? I'm so lost at this moment in Trading View.

  • Thabo Rantjanyana
    Thabo Rantjanyana Hace 5 años +1

    Hi Adam, i love you work; you explain in the simplest way making it easy to understand. Can you please make video dedicated to Pivot point in details.

  • Sub 0
    Sub 0 Hace 4 años

    Sorry for the dumb question but how do i calculate when to take profit ( 2R ) as you say
    I learned that by R you can calculate risk and quantity of positions , but i am a bit lost as to how much does 2R mean in lets say a 50$ buy?
    P.S Thank you very much Adam you are truly a master of teaching and self-mastery , im a big fan :))

    MAGIC FINGER Hace 4 años

    You are the best i just want to say thank you very much for your explanation about technical analysis ...Forever grateful !

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    Juan DC Hace 4 años +4

    Mr Adam Khoo
    I usually don't leave any comments on videos.
    But I can only express myself and gratitude for this video as "WOW!"
    A terrific way to show and explain how to use the fib levels retracement and extension, MARVELOUS!
    As you said, it works like magic.
    Thank you Mr. Khoo

  • Osego
    Osego Hace 3 años +2

    Hello Adams, am glad i came across your channel and am already loving it. Would you please share the parameters for the MACD and the /Stochastic indicators?

  • renejeanlouis
    renejeanlouis Hace 5 años

    Adam, thanks for all the great contents you continuously upload, well explained and makes it easy for us to understand. I recently watched a video by Anton Kriel who pretty much annihilated retail trading and the use of charts, etc.... what are your thoughts on his claims? Thanks and keep up the great work

    • renejeanlouis
      renejeanlouis Hace 5 años

      Adam, thanks for this info, much appreciated. I'm looking into your online course content to see if it will be appropriate for my trading style, so it looks good so i am likely to sign up soon.

    • Adam Khoo
      Adam Khoo  Hace 5 años +1

      If you watch this video by Jack Schwager (ídeo.html)
      who has interviewed the best traders in the world... you will learn that some of the best traders in the world use purely technical analysis while others use pure fundamental analysis. It is a matter of finding a style that fits your personality

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    Jerry Williams Hace 4 años

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    Winston Watchman Hace 3 años

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    Asif Alikhan Hace un año

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    Tiger Xaysana Hace 2 años

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    mwiti Stanley Hace 4 años +1

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