The Bear Market Has Bottomed. Here is Where We Go Next!

  • Publicado el 12 ago 2022
  • The recent rally in stocks has recouped 50% of the losses made by the bear market in 2022. Since 1957, the S&P 500 has never made a new low after prices have recovered 50% of the bear market drawdown (after a 20% decline that marks a bear market).
    Find out where stock prices are likely to go from here. Should investors jump in to chase the rally or wait for a coming pullback?
    Stock Investing & Trading insights by Adam Khoo will show you profitable trading and investment opportunities in today's stock markets.
    These are essential strategies for stock traders and investors who want to improve their investment and trading performance.
    Adam Khoo is a professional stock investor and options trader and the best-selling author of 16 books including 'Winning the Game of Stocks" and "Profit from the Panic". Thousands of students have profited from his sharp investment insights into the world of stock market investing and trading.
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Comentarios • 270

  • Andrew Lew
    Andrew Lew Hace un mes +3

    God-tier unbiased analysis, thanks Adam!

  • Mutahir Waheed
    Mutahir Waheed Hace un mes +8

    The best teacher who has helped me personally make millions in the market just by picking great companies during Covid crash and now in 2022 crash !! Thank you Adam for being the best mentor in the world !!! Wishing you long life and great health and surely wealth and happiness always! Stay blessed!

  • Julztanijr Julztanijr
    Julztanijr Julztanijr Hace un mes +1

    Just wanna say i love the work you do and the content u put out. So informative... Thanks again.. ppl like you really make a difference without knowing it !!!!!

  • THISISHANONG Personal Training

    Thank you Adam, although you have yet made me a millionaire (I hope soon!) via the stock market, you did save me a lot of heartache and stupid mistakes with your youtube advice alone.

  • Robert W
    Robert W Hace un mes +26

    You're a very good teacher Adam. You deserve all of the success you've had. Many thanks.

    • Malibu Jamie
      Malibu Jamie Hace un mes

      @Epidemic MomenTs Definitely nowhere near the best. lol

    • Epidemic MomenTs
      Epidemic MomenTs Hace un mes

      He is one of the best regarding stocks on drama....rational....very good !

  • NL
    NL Hace un mes +1

    Right on schedule. The market peaked at the end of the 3rd week of August and has begun its correction. I guess we can expect the correction to last until mid-September.

  • Veli Tuncer Colak
    Veli Tuncer Colak Hace un mes +4

    Nobody can explain as clearly as like you do, how to invest in stock market. Many thanks.

  • Jomar Sison
    Jomar Sison Hace un mes +25

    When it comes to technical analysis Adam Khoo, if not the best, he is one of the best here in youtube, hands down

  • ido Sha
    ido Sha Hace un mes +18

    Adam is the best for both fundamental and technical
    I've watched ESclips for a long Time

  • Cam David Diep
    Cam David Diep Hace un mes

    If they have a button for 1000 like, I would press on it. Adam, thx for your insight and education to small retail investors. We really appreciate your insights and knowledge, pls keep posting good video for young people who want to learn more from you to get starting in the market. Much appreciated, god bless you :)

  • orca loca
    orca loca Hace un mes

    Thanks for sharing your experience, that's a great source of suggestions and points of view of a very experienced trader. I'm in this field since 2015 and tried to understand about the same, when everybody wants to buy I sell and the oppposite. It's been the same when I was in the fine wine trading, before the capitulation of the currencies that made me loose my inventory value: when everybody wanted to buy I was selling, because I was buying constantly when nobody wanted to buy but sell. Anyway, I learned that being on the other side of the river where the money flows is better than being on the side of the loosers and unprepared. I'm shorting SP500 since July 2021, so a little much too early but then it's been good. Today I see that a choppy period is starting and this can be the sign of a big reversal, at least for some months. However, if I check on the monthly chart and design an elliott wave, i see that the current rally is the 4th wave up, so are we going to see the 5th wave down and then the real huge big jump`I'm buying already SPCE, XPO and other stocks that are at very low levels, even lower than the pre-pandemic, so all this is a big signal. GBPUSD is giving signals of big reversal, that should be confirmed in September with the new UK Government, and other signals in general. But the bear market is not ended yet? Will we see area 3400/3500 being touched? The Fibo is giving 61% retracement from the monthly top at that area. Thanks again. I really appreciate your view on this. Ciao.

  • Juan Carlos Alvarez
    Juan Carlos Alvarez Hace un mes

    Hello Adam,
    I’ve been following you for a long time, thank you for all your help, your classes are magnificent, I have a question…
    Should I wait to initiate a trade on retail for the Thanksgiving season and which retail stock should I choose, that is not amazon??

  • Hugo Machado
    Hugo Machado Hace un mes +3

    What a presentation ... so much info ... detailed ... justified ... AND ... great comunication skill !!! Thank you again

  • Ryan
    Ryan Hace un mes

    Saying your content is immensely informative/educational would be an understatement. Thank you

  • Herns Mil
    Herns Mil Hace un mes +6

    This is the man who doesnt talk BS. You will gain wisdom and encouragement in his vids. This is the only youtube channel I watch no matter how long it is.

  • Josh Morrow
    Josh Morrow Hace un mes

    I agree.... Because Robinhood was giving bonus money to customers who put $5k or more into the markets during June because they want there asset management to be higher by having customer buy the bottom

  • renzel khamacho
    renzel khamacho Hace un mes

    I agree on the pullback. It's forming an invert head and shoulders on the daily as well, once that pattern is formed the market will shoot up and never look back

  • Vineet Goel
    Vineet Goel Hace un mes +1

    I have recently started watching your videos. Your common sense wisdom works quite well compared to never ending technical analysis :)

  • Liliplayz
    Liliplayz Hace un mes +2

    The real jewel among trading videos! Thank you Adam!

  • W L
    W L Hace un mes

    Thanks Adam. As a business person, I also feel the inflation pressure has peaked. However, there is still looming issues of tight workforce and supply chain has not been able to ease in the short term. 2020 would be good analysis of the seasonal pattern in Sep/Oct.

    • Morry Lauder
      Morry Lauder Hace un mes

      A little longer term we will face a severe worker surplus, I'm sure: Self driving trucks, Ai and robo customer service, more automated manufacturing, design, testing, diagnosis, and efficiency maximization.....

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    While stock prices are volatile, options prices can be even more volatile, which is part of what draws traders to the potential gains from them. Options are generally risky, but some options signals can be relatively low risk and can literally enhance your returns.

  • ruthlessluder
    ruthlessluder Hace 22 horas

    Still hasn't "closed" below the June's low.... but man it sure seems like we're bear flagging for the next leg lower!

  • Andre Hauptfleisch
    Andre Hauptfleisch Hace un mes +1

    Great video full of valuable information, thank you Adam.

  • Tom D
    Tom D Hace un mes

    Wow that’s a call of confidence. Thanks Adam…I just sold because I was up 28 % and wanted take profits. Hopefully I will see a few buy opportunities

  • Teawoo Park
    Teawoo Park Hace un mes

    Amazing content - please keep up the good work!

  • Kent
    Kent Hace un mes

    Thanks Mr.Adam. I watched every single one of your video and learned a lot from them

  • Truth will Always prevail

    Adam does above the Fib 50% close from bottom of bear market work for individual stocks like ADBE, Google, AMZN, MSFT, AAPL, BABA, NKE, Tencent, TSM too?
    Just curious if you have come across any data showing bottom on individual stocks as you have shown for S&P 500. Best Regards and many thanks to you for providing extremely useful data during current market situation. Peoples around you can never stay pessimist for long time. You bring so much hope and Joy. Thank you

  • InDaGloom
    InDaGloom Hace un mes +2

    New investor trader here. Still surviving this bear market even after all the paper hands have been shaken off. Been listening to Mr Khoo for a while. Still some time to go yet but my Flux is almost up %50. Superb.

    • Thien
      Thien Hace un mes

      if you are new, you need to have a foundation in your learning. How do you prepare if it is not going your way?

  • JVP
    JVP Hace un mes

    Thank you so much teacher Adam!

  • Morry Lauder
    Morry Lauder Hace un mes

    Glad we're half way back. Don't see why new highs will be reached so soon. Agree good companies have a good future.
    I look for investments with low risk and high returns, favoring cash-rich companies with low debts and the potential to consistently increase their earnings. Sound familiar? Thank you.

  • Michline Al
    Michline Al Hace un mes +2

    I always tell myself this.. when there’s a bottom. There’s always another basement.
    What I am trying to say is. Do your research, technical and fundamentally. Only then decide to stay out or get in

    UUUIIIUUU Hace un mes +4

    I love the "bottomed" confirmation . Thank You Sir Adam bring us the good news.👍

  • alf
    alf Hace un mes

    Everyone I follow, including Adam is claiming the bottom is in. I'm feeling un easy with this much confidence in the market by all. I understand its it common not to realise the bottom is in and miss the boat. However my gut tells me this isn't it. Will wait and see how far the 200 sma pushes down the price, I think it's way too early to claim anything else.

  • Simon Schwarzmann
    Simon Schwarzmann Hace un mes +1

    Nice analysis and many thanks for that. But who cares? As a private investor, I do DCA in good companies and I don't care about tops or bottoms. As a trader, I put my SLs and TPs and dont care either.

  • 0680496
    0680496 Hace un mes

    Each of your videos always resonates with me. The only stock market guru that I watch and listsn to. 💯

  • BK Teo
    BK Teo Hace un mes

    Hi Adam, looking at the chart you present, will the index eventually retreat to the high of 2019? if the business environment get worsen next year !

  • Assaf Liran
    Assaf Liran Hace un mes

    You are so smart and explain perfectly!
    I just want to mention, no one knows if the bottom was on June 16.
    We may face lower low, all depends on the FAD and maybe also wars around the world.

  • Karl BE
    Karl BE Hace un mes

    Adam, appreciate your timely follow up video from yesterday. Sounds hopeful and is reassuring to have a possible expectation to anticipate. Thanks again!

  • Sean Low
    Sean Low Hace 5 días +3

    Oops…watching this a month later as the market has made a new bottom 😢

  • 正
     Hace un mes +1

    Literally the only Financial ESclipsr that gives good advices and legit informations 👍

  • Francisco Caro Arto
    Francisco Caro Arto Hace un mes

    Hello Adam, very interesting and practical video. Regarding TLT do you think this is a good time to pick 5% of the capital?. Thank you

  • Khang Luu
    Khang Luu Hace un mes +17

    That “mistake” at the end of the video 😂😂😂😂

  • Fei Sun
    Fei Sun Hace un mes +1

    Adam, the high on Oct 11th, 2007 was 1576.09 and the low on March 17,2008 was 1257.3. It was down from 1576.09 to 1257.3 by -20.23%. And later rally had recouped 50% of the losses made by the bear market on May 19th,2008. And what happened later had broken your rule.

  • Wong YitHong
    Wong YitHong Hace un mes +47

    "Don't end up like Chicken Genius. " hahaha lmao

  • Patrick Lyz
    Patrick Lyz Hace un mes +3

    As much as I like the market rally, I wouldn't say 100% the market has bottomed.
    Is only just a few mths that the macro situation has improved but we still need to invest safely.

  • LiberatedMind
    LiberatedMind Hace un mes +3

    Hello I think this is a decent analysis but your claim that 50% retracement always ends bear market is false. The dotcom crash had a similar bull rally in April / May of 2001 that saw a 50% retrace to the high, however the market continued to crash hard for several months.

  • Renewable Energy Investments

    That last sentence about the chickens though. Haha well played Adam. Great video.

  • damla maren francis
    damla maren francis Hace un mes +1

    Same here, My portfolio has been going down the drain while I try trading,l just don't know what I do wrong

  • Roland van Vliet
    Roland van Vliet Hace un mes

    Great stuff Adam! Do you believe so strongly in this seasonal pattern, that you will sell positions in the coming weeks in order to by them back in October?

    • Adam Khoo
      Adam Khoo  Hace un mes +2

      No I won’t . I just hold good stocks through the volatility

  • James Tonthat
    James Tonthat Hace un mes

    this is a great video, thank you for sharing your knowledge

  • Josh Morrow
    Josh Morrow Hace un mes

    I appreciate your honesty assessment. Most good analyst line you like to spread fud to make retail investor be indecisive so that way they rely on the analyst subscription service to make money. You're a good guy giving honest great analysis on your channel for free. You're The best on the tubes !!! I should join you for a video sometime and discuss trendlines and pattern recognition.

  • Elia De Marchi
    Elia De Marchi Hace un mes +4

    Adam you are my officially best ESclipsr guide 🙏🏻

    PMA STOCK Hace un mes

    you are a genius Adam, thank a lot for your good heart !

  • Juan Carlos Alvarez
    Juan Carlos Alvarez Hace un mes

    Another question. What is going on with the inverted yield curve, I feel that this is an ominous sign. What do you think?

  • #Derek Chan大力投資日記

    Thank you Adam! Like your analysis!!

  • Ram Samudrala
    Ram Samudrala Hace un mes

    Maybe retail is getting smarter, apparently retail has NOT sold off and is staying put given recent/Fed experience. Lots of articles on this. Some are even saying the bear market isn't over until retail shakes out. Lots of articles on this (I tried to post a link and it failed). Maybe some retailers did sell off but what I think we saw recently was some shakeout of retail and really a battle between market makers. I think they did TRY to get retail to sell out but they obviously failed going by the data since most either sold high or kept DCAing in.

  • Jack Mann
    Jack Mann Hace un mes +5

    Congrats to everyone that bought the bottom back in June when oil peaked.

  • 💰 Make $750 Per Day
    💰 Make $750 Per Day Hace un mes +1

    "The function of leadership is to produce more leaders, not more followers." ---Ralph Nader

  • Ram Samudrala
    Ram Samudrala Hace un mes

    Apparently there are three periods, which all saw decent shakeouts shortly after clearing the 50% fib threshold: 1974, 2004 and 2009 (taken from MW). I am unable to post links to the article here...

  • Ad Blommestein
    Ad Blommestein Hace un mes +6

    Thank you master Adam.

  • Nosizi Nyoni
    Nosizi Nyoni Hace un mes +1

    Following and still learning, hope will soon understand everything well and start making money...

  • felipeturbayr
    felipeturbayr Hace un mes

    great analysis Adam! thanks!

  • James Butler
    James Butler Hace un mes

    Nice Job Adam, when you say or even people say short term, how many days do people refer two? are you basing that number of days off of the 20EMA line?

  • Russell B
    Russell B Hace un mes

    Great video, Adam...wise words

  • Jayson Ong
    Jayson Ong Hace un mes

    Hi Sir, thank u for the analysis.. This is S&P and i do agree that june could be a bottom, so for those who are interested in S&P can buy the dip when the opportunity comes again. Just like what Mr Warren Buffett always says..
    As for each individual stock i hope everyone should be careful about. Example: AAPL price could drops but some of the big techs can hold S&P up, vice versa. So all guys invest safely..

  • Vasilis Fotakis
    Vasilis Fotakis Hace un mes +1

    Thank you Adam!

  • Jai
    Jai Hace un mes

    Great videos. This is gold

  • Ahmad Kamil
    Ahmad Kamil Hace un mes

    You are right,Adam.

  • D Banka
    D Banka Hace un mes

    Adam, - i always learn something here thwt makes me a more informed investor

  • Robert Lam
    Robert Lam Hace un mes

    Thanks Adam.
    You are a marvel.

  • Matteo Fomia
    Matteo Fomia Hace un mes

    Thank you Adam!

  • babycutezz
    babycutezz Hace un mes

    How about compare the perfect timing/Dollar Cost averaging with the combination of selling put to accumulate stock and selling covered call? Thanks

  • Joel Lim
    Joel Lim Hace un mes +3

    The best part is the last part where you "unintentionally" roasted chicken genius! LOL!

  • brad pit
    brad pit Hace un mes

    Good time sir....I would like to ask what platform you are using in could be a great help for my trading

  • Teen oso
    Teen oso Hace un mes

    The next person, like rodney constable will say it could roll over to a new low. Love the difference in opinion as thats what makes a market.

  • Take The5th
    Take The5th Hace un mes +1

    Outstanding entertainment analysis.

  • Sam Sum
    Sam Sum Hace un mes

    Thank you Adam.

  • ming khor
    ming khor Hace un mes

    Thanks Adam🥰 Right now it option trader time to headache for this coming week.

  • spoonman73
    spoonman73 Hace un mes

    It may not break the low but it is definitely going to retest it!

    • NL
      NL Hace 27 días

      That's good. Once more chance to load up the truck.

  • r Negoro
    r Negoro Hace un mes

    Adam is the best. Huge fan.

  • Shmuel Mary
    Shmuel Mary Hace un mes +2

    Great information..Time to short the market until end of September..than to go long.

  • Timothy Odaniell
    Timothy Odaniell Hace un mes

    So smart, so right, in so many ways...

  • eChrisBC
    eChrisBC Hace un mes

    Golden info, thanks!

  • Danny Tuen
    Danny Tuen Hace un mes

    Adam, can you do a video on.China invading Taiwan. What are the chances? Which companies will be hit hardest. Which companies would possibly benefit With many companies relying on chips and TSM is the primary maker of chips even Apple and Intel chips. What would happen. Curious on your thoughts on this. Thank you for your insight and great content.

  • Brehon-Talking Finance

    Great video.. I will continue buying and riding the waves

  • Carlos Ortiz
    Carlos Ortiz Hace un mes

    Best financial ESclipsr in the game

    THE HUNGER GAMES 8 Hace un mes +1

    Thank you Adam 🧙‍♂️

  • R.Inho
    R.Inho Hace un mes

    Be careful guys - volume is absolute crap, still smells bear market rally, likelihood that we drop is still relatively high.

  • Tomasz Antosiewicz
    Tomasz Antosiewicz Hace un mes +1

    It's a copy of 2008. Back then market recovered 55% and then collapsed. It was down earlier 19,5% so you are not calling it bear market but look at the chart, they are the same!

  • Andres Yu Chan
    Andres Yu Chan Hace un mes

    However, a pullback is inevitable.

  • Václav Pekař
    Václav Pekař Hace un mes +3

    The timing of Chicken genius videos was perfect. He released one video to get out of the market at the beginning of march and he came back in June to again tell you to get out.

  • Elson Ee
    Elson Ee Hace un mes

    That closing! 🤣

  • MrJasionis
    MrJasionis Hace un mes

    @Adam Khoo could you please update and give your professional opinion what is happening in China. What means drop in real estate sales ? How it could affect China economy? Thank you in advance!

  • U
    U Hace un mes +1

    There was no capitulation no margin calls it will go lower

  • babycutezz
    babycutezz Hace un mes

    Hello, what do you think about Michael Burry's tweet "After 2000, there were two 40%+ bear market rallies and one 50%+ rally before the market bottomed"

  • Gina yang
    Gina yang Hace un mes +3

    Adam, like your analysis 👍

  • JJ King
    JJ King Hace un mes

    Hi Adam! You are the best!!

  • Antonio Leal
    Antonio Leal Hace un mes

    thanks Adam, your are the best

  • imeldo marcos
    imeldo marcos Hace un mes +1

    Hi adam dr Michael Burry recently said 50 pct retracements and lower lows have happened in the past and he gave instances.

  • 💰 Make $750 Per Day
    💰 Make $750 Per Day Hace un mes +1

    "Trust because you are willing to accept the risk, not because it's safe or certain." ---Anonymous